T-shirt Printing

Custom-made t-shirt with any text
logo or image of your choice.

T-shirt printing is a service that provides you the option of printing without any limitation concerning quantity, colors, dimension and any other relevant aspect. You can create a custom-made t-shirt with any text, logo or image of your choice.

T-Shirt Printing

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Why Us

T shirt printing has been the very first service our company launched into the market. Things were not as easy back then, in 1986, with just having the knowledge of silk screen print and no automation to assist in the procedure. Today the same people who carry the knowledge and enrich it, supervise automated machines which print with exact precision, any type of design with limit to the sky concerning colours and quantity. We print on any part of the T-Shirt, full front and back, sleeves, back upper part, etc.

We can support the printing of any type of designs, even transfer pencil designs on a piece of paper, into a screen for printing. We have no restrictions for the type or the variety of colours, as our colouring department will track the exact colour by mix and match of pantones.