We print on a variety of fabrics according
to the usage and demand.
scarves printing

Scarves printing is a service that provides you the option of creating custom-made scarves from scratch including design, shape and fabric of your choice; thus, escaping the box of readymade products. It’s a unique service on demand mainly by fashion designers, clothing manufacturers, companies and individuals with creative concept. Brining into life the design and having met our client’s expectations, our factory provides the next step solution.
We print scarves mainly on silk fabric, chiffon fabric and other high-end types of fabric, which constitute the scarves a product that we give extra efforts and handling, so as the end-result matches the level of quality that its destined to have.

Scarves Printing

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Why Us

You can print on any fabric type with no limitations concerning quantity, colors, dimension and any other relevant aspect. Having acknowledged the sensitivity and softness of scarves fabrics, we take extra care using all our expertise and equipment, on the finishing lines, giving our scarves the look and the sense of a delicate product.