Silk-screen printing
directly on any plastic surface

Plastic surface printing is a service that provides you the option of printing directly on any plastic surface. It’s a unique service on demand mainly by companies which require a logo print, such as car sellers for printing their name on the bottom of the car registration plates, companies with distribution of plastic flasks and others with relevant activities.

Plastic Surface

May be used for:

Power Banks

Car Plates Stickers

Plastic Surfaces

Why Us

We have created special molds in order to apply any size and shape of plastic material, the screen directly for printing. We use the method of silk-screen printing directly on the plastic surface, which makes the print to have an endless life despite the weather conditions, since the plastics are exposed to sunlight and rain at all times. It’s a procedure with many steps for preparing the plastic surface to absorb the paint through a screen and so we are proud to provide this unique service.