Fabric Roll printing

Print, cut, sew and transform the final product.
Anything anywhere for any purpose

Fabric roll printing is a service which you can print on any fabric type with no limitations concerning quantity, colors, dimension and any other relevant aspect. This service provides you the option of creating a custom-made product from scratch including design, shape and fabric of your choice; thus, escaping the box of ready-made products. It’s a unique service on demand mainly by fashion designers, clothing manufacturers, companies and individuals with creative concept. Brining into life the design and having met our client’s expectations, our factory provides the next step solution.

We print on






Any fabric

Roll Printing

May be used for:

Fashion Garments

Bedding Materials

Fabric Bags




Why Us

Our 32 year of experience and being equipped with latest technology machinery, give us the leading position of serving all needs of fabric roll printing. We know and support each step of the way, acknowledging the great responsibility of giving life to such a colorful service. Each order is considered unique and we apply all our effort and expertise to make sure that our end result will bypass our customer’s expectations. Our customers have set our standards high and our aim is to go every time even a step further.